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  • We at Mithunram Properties Limited, targets under organic farming 25 million acres (10 million hectares) and are very confident in achieving the Vision 2020 by planting, cultivating and promoting organic fruits, green vegetables, nutritious food grains, cotton, etc, in this area . In this regard, we have initiated feasibility study for organic farming suitable to the soil and climate

  • Globally the consumer would prefer to have natural nutritious organic food & drinks. To meet out the growing food demand; we have a huge farm plan, wherein we will be cultivating Amla, Guava, Coconut, etc.

  • We strongly believe that natural drinks and organic food would be dominating the market and the existing soft drinks consumption will substantiate gradually. For example, Amla is fully cherished with Vitamin C, which is a vital tonic for Good Health

  • We propose to start with 1,000 acres of organic cultivation and these lands are already owned by the group


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